Road Trip: Tasmania

Hello! I’ve been living in Tasmania now for about 5 months, and only managed to get on a road trip around the state a few weeks ago, crazy right?

It was a week full of amazing experiences and a few disasters, but Josh and I made it safely around the whole of the island and finally got back into the zone of living out of our car after months of luxury in a house on a farm. 

Four places stood out to me on our road trip and if/when you visit Tassie (which you should!!) these are the places I would recommend going to. 

The first is a small community called Trial Harbour. Situated on the west coast, there is nothing much here apart from a gorgeous camping area, lots of holiday homes and an interesting local history room. But it is by far the most peaceful and genuinely relaxing place we visited in Tasmania. Just sitting on a beach that isn’t full of other tourists and locals is overwhelmingly calming. Beyond the peaceful exterior, there is an insane amount of wildlife here; pademelon wallabies and so many different kinds of birds surrounded our car as soon as the sun started to set, and I will forever hold that memory in my heart. 

The second is Queenstown. Inland from Trial Harbour for a few hundred kilometres, Queenstown is a busy tourist hub due to the vast amount of lookouts (get up to Spoin Kopf and Iron Blows lookouts and be amazed) and the West Coast Wilderness Railway that runs from Queenstown to Strahan. This is an old mining railway that has been repurposed to give us a sense of what life was like at the beginning of the mining boom in Tasmania. An amazing 4 hour experience into the lives of former Queenstown and Strahan residents – and the mainland Australians that built a railway in the mountains! 

The third is Port Arthur, a World Heritage listed site. A former prison for British criminals, Port Arthur boasts a range of attractions for people of all ages and interests. My favourite was 100% the ghost tour! As one of Australia’s most haunted destinations, I was super excited to hear all the ghost stories and potentially see a ghost. Nothing crazy happened, but I guess that’s spirits for you. Temperamental. During the day, Port Arthur turns into a gorgeous old port with ruins galore for you to explore. It is also home to what was the first separate boys prison in the British empire. 

The fourth and final is a wonderful conservation centre about 2 hours from Devonport (where you arrive on the ferry from Melbourne). Devils@Cradle looks after Tasmania’s native species; Tasmanian Devils and Quolls. Being able to see Devils in an environment that is as close to natural as possible is an incredible experience. They are beautiful animals and visiting this conservation centre will help to find further research into Devils Facial Tumour Disease – a cancer that is slowly wiping out the species. 😦 

Take my advice if you fancy but make sure you find your own favourite four too, Tasmania has a hell of a lot to offer and not enough people that are seeing it!
Zabrina x


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