Beyond Tasmania

Our time in Australia has flown by so quickly, and as much as I’ve enjoyed my time in Tasmania, I cannot wait to get back to the mainland and soak up some of that famous sunshine (through SPF50+ for my pasty skin). Only having about 6 months left on our visas and the rest of the country to see, we are seriously pushed for time so have decided to squidge in as much as we can. 
First is an insane road trip from Tassie to Adelaide to Alice Springs to Brisbane and then to Cairns, stopping off at every single experience, view or beach that catches our eyes. We haven’t planned any of the journey apart from the general direction we are going, but isn’t that the whole point? Travelling allows you to let go of time restraints and just exist in the moment, which is exactly what we are going to do as soon as our time on the farm is up. Right now, it’s still 5am alarms…

As a total newbie to living out of a car, I failed to bring things with me on our few road trips that I now realise are essentials. So on this next major drive I’ll be bringing a few things to make life a bit more comfortable.

  1. DRY SHAMPOO!! I have a real issue with my scalp and my hair, so going even a few days without washing it drives me insane. This time, I’ve stocked up on my favourite Batiste Dry Shampoo to keep my hair looking at least presentable. God knows how long it’ll be before I can wash it on this road trip…
  2. Face cleansing wipes, because all that sun cream is not going to do wonders for my skin. I can’t deal with having spots and it being too hot to cover them up with make up. In the major possibility that water is a luxury, I can’t afford to miss a day of washing my face, so some cheap and cheerful Swisspers Naturals Aloe Skin Perfecting Facial Cleansing Wipes are going to save my skin. 
  3. Hand cream has been a life saver these past few months (massive thank you to my bestie for sending me out some amazing Cowshed hand cream for Christmas) since milking cows involves skin destroying gloves and a lot of hand washing. So to save my hands from completely drying out and to make them smell like a dream, I’ll continue to obsessively use that. 
  4. My travel journal, I will admit that I haven’t been writing in it as much as I should be. This was such an amazing leaving gift and has allowed me to keep a private account on everything that has been going on and the full spectrum of emotions I’ve experienced while we’ve been out here. So I’m now making a public vow to try and write in it every day to make sure I can remember all the places we’ve been to and the experiences we’ve had.

I guess these things will only be useful to the girls reading this, because I’m pretty sure Josh will be happy with the clothes on his back and the occasional dip in the ocean for a “wash”. Wish me luck! 


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